Build on Webflow

Webflow website design agency

Spurwing became a Webflow website design agency the moment we discovered its power. Webflow gave us the ability to efficiently build dynamic, optimised and responsive websites that empower our clients - waving goodbye to WordPress is a bonus.

Edit your website (CMS)

Write and edit directly on your site

Webflow enables us and you, to create future-friendly, structured content that can be edited live on the page. Change a title, swap out an image whenever you like - your marketing team are in control.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimised and Google ready

We build all our Webflow sites to a high level of optimisation, for speed, UX, and SEO. If you're leaving an old website behind, we can help you with accurate 301 redirects, passing up to 99% of ranking power to the new page. You can even leverage Webflow's built-in SEO tools yourself, changing title tags, meta descriptions, Open Graph data (for socially sharing) and much more.


Enterprise-grade security as standard

Your new Webflow website benefits from a free SSL certificate, automatic backups, and enterprise-grade security and scalability as standard. In addition to this, Webflow doesn't use plugins, so you're free of the headaches that come with maintaining websites that often pose a real security risk.

Powerful hosting

Loads fast, across the globe

Launch your website in a click to enjoy world-class speed and reliability on global infrastructure powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) & Fastly. Automatic, state-of-the-art backups make you prepared for every eventuality.

Webflow E-commerce

Unique E-commerce experiences

Gone are the templates (we're looking at you Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce), replaced by a bespoke, consistent experience, designed by us, from the homepage to checkout. Sell physical and digital goods across the world with custom tax and shipping setup. The best part? You're in control of orders, inventory and your websites content all from the same Webflow editor. Webflow E-commerce can be standalone or bolted on to any existing Webflow website.

Accessible and compliant

Making your website accessible

We're able to leverage the efficiency in development that Webflow provides us to make your website compliant with WCAG Levels. Some examples of this compliance are ensuring minimum contrast ratios between text and the background, alt tags on images, fixing broken links and accurate heading levels (many of the compliance tasks help with SEO too). There's much more so feel free to learn more about compliance using the WCAG Quickref guide. We can meet higher or specific levels of compliance if required.

Webflow CMS training

Getting your team up to speed

As part of any website project, we provide a range of short, informative training videos aimed at empowering your team with the Webflow editor. In addition to this, we can provide group and one to one training sessions to help your team make the most of your new Webflow CMS website.