Dry Ice Service UK

December 2019
4 Weeks
Website & Print

State-Of-The-Art, Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Process With Dry Ice.

A new project by revival experts, utilising the incredible cleaning and environmental performance of dry ice to service businesses nationwide on call-outs or contracted work.

Dry Ice Service UK was looking for a professional web design agency and was referred to us by another client. We proposed a change in design from their existing marketing print work, most noticeably lightening the whole theme of the design to help portray the feeling of cleanliness, highlight the environmental benefits and the dependability of the business.

We designed and developed this bespoke website in Webflow, helping our client take advantage of their own branded editor area. The ability to edit all the text, images and links on the website without the need to submit a ticket or request development time was an eye-opener. Dry Ice Service UK have relished the ability to create their own case studies, with images and videos, without the hassle of file sizes or compatibility. A successful project all-round.

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