Zone Recovery Global

November 2019
3 Weeks
Website, Brand & Print

Helping Communities and Authorities Across the Globe Re-Build, for a Better Future.

One of our oldest clients, Zone Recovery Global hired us to design their branding and their website when they were first founded in 2016/17. Their purpose is to safely recover and revive zones in countries subject to war and or environmental disaster.

Fast forward to 2019, after nearly three years of growth in which we provided graphic design and print work, ZRG brought us back to re-design the website, better reflecting their offerings and growing status in the market. An all-new, fresh interface with fluid animations help create a better user experience across all devices breakpoints. The company had gained more impressive visual assets, such as imagery and video over their three years of successes, allowing us to better illustrate the scale of their projects and the impact of their works.

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