Crux Investor

Design & development

Crux Investor is an analysis platform that provides in-depth insights on mining stocks and investments. They offer expert analysis on various commodities, development stages, and global mining projects, empowering investors to make informed decisions.

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Spurwing designed and built Crux Investor's new website, powered by a bespoke Airtable application and synced together using Whalesync. 6,128 (and growing) pages, of which 2,318+ are programmatic SEO landing pages aided by AI content generation and API-pulled images. 3,428+ are analysis posts written or filmed in-house and published through various workflows we've designed and implemented for the team — it's a no-code machine built in Webflow, powered by Airtable, live-synced by Whalesync, helped by OpenAI and bolstered by various APIs.

We're incredibly proud of this ongoing project and thrive off the challenges it brings us; one paragraph doesn't do it justice.

Design & development
Crux Investor
London, UK
Q3 2023

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